Curriculum Vitae


An internationally known design and game development veteran, with interpersonal skills, cross-platform experience and hardware agnostic experience.


Unity, Photoshop CC, Blender, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Game Maker Studio

Windows 95 – Windows 10, OSX 10.6 – 10.11, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Ubuntu Linux

C#, GML, AS3, Flixel

Games & Media Coverage

Project EDEN – Unreleased
Art, Design, Audio, Programming, AI, Systems

The Eldritch Teller – 2015
Art, Design, Audio, Writing, Programming
The Arcade Review – March 2016
Of Dice and Pens: The Depths of The Unknown: The Eldritch Teller – January 2016
Rock Paper Shotgun: Best Free Games of The Week – December 2015

Bleeding – 2015
Art, Design, Audio, Programming
PC Gamer: The Best Free Games of The Week – February 2015

What Now? – 2015
Art, Design, Audio, Writing, Programming
Games With Friends: “What Now?” – Arielle Grimes Developer Spotlight – January 2016
Fast Co.Design: How to Design a Game for Maximum Empathy – May 2015
Offworld: How Four Keys Can Create a Spectrum of Feelings – May 2015 Freeware Pick –  April 2014

Care&Control – 2015
Art, Design, Programming
Alt+Home: Press Any Key For Care – March 2015 PC Pick – January 2015

Brokenfolx – 2014
Art, Design, Audio, Writing, Programming
Polygon: A Game That Explores The Lives of The Queer & Hurt – September 2014

Client Contracts

Intro To Game Design (Techsdale) – Summer 2016
Lead Program Instructor, Curriculum Design, In-Class Instruction

BitterSweets (Ana Valens) – Unreleased – July 2016
2D Art, Character Design, UI Design

Anthrotari (Biggest Robot Productions) – Unreleased/Demo Available –  June 2016
UI Design, 2D Art

Analogue: A Hate Story (mobile port) (Love Conquers All Games) – Unreleased – 2016
Game Programming, UI Programming, UI Design

Untitled East Van EP Release (Philip Storey) – Unreleased – 2015
Audio Design, Composition

Solace State (Vivid Foundry) – Unreleased – 2014
Design Consultation, UX Design Consultation, UI Design Consultation

PlayCES: An initiative of York University Faculty of Education – March 2014
Game Programming Instructor

Canceled Interactive Boardgame (Kat Verhoeven) – 2014
Consultation, Programming


Dames Making Games Halloween Dreadcade – October 2015
What Now?, Bleeding

Bit Bazaar Spring 2015 – May 2015
Brokenfolx, What Now?, Cabin In The Cache

Dames Making Games Halloween Spookade – October 2014
The Twitching Brew

Bit Bazaar Spring 2014 – May 2014
EDEN, 2sWitches

Bit Bazaar Winter 2013 – December 2013
My Tits Hurt, Glitch-Art Prints

Speaking Sessions

Lost Levels at The Game Developers Conference – March 2016
Care in Gameplay

Dames Making Games: April 2015 Social – April 2015
Cabin In The Cache

Dames Making Games: May 2014 Social – May 2014
Care&Control ( Post-Mortem )


Polygon’s 50 Admirable Gaming People of 2014 – December 2014
Named ‘Admirable Games Hero 2014’

Community Work & Memberships

Dames Making Games


George Brown College: Art & Design Fundamentals Certificate